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 * This petition is in no way associated to L’Association pour la Protection du Saumon et de la Rivière Pentecôte *


Hello everyone

This is a personal petition from Jocelin LeBlanc, friends and citizens who want to protect the Pentecôte River and Aux Rochers River against hydro electric projects, We plan to present this petition at the end of APRIL to.

Mr. Jean Charest, Prime Minister of Québec,

Mr. Claude Béchard, Minister of Natural Resources

Mme Line Beauchamp, Minister of Environment

Mme Laurence Méthot, Mayor of Port Cartier

We now need your help to collect  signatures by the end of April. It’s urgent and very important!

How you can help:

1. Sign our online petition



 http://www.Landmark Fly Shop-adventures.com/PETITION_RIVIERE_PENTECOTE_RIVIERE_AUX_ROCHER_ENG.htm

2. Print the petition and pass it around! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WORD    PDF VERSION

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, colleagues and family to sign. The more, the better!

Then, send it/them ASAP to

Jocelin LeBlanc
1875 Jacques Cartier
Pointes Aux Anglais, Qc
G0H 1R0

Thanks and good petitioning!

This petition is to stop the planned construction of 2 hydro electric dams, one on the Aux Rochers river and the other on the Pentecôte river both rivers are located on the North Shore of Quebec.

This petition will help protect the right of the citizens of Port Cartier and Rivière Pentecôte who are against such a construction.

All the citizens of the City of Port Cartier including Rivière Pentecôte, Baies des Homards and Pointes Aux Anglais and all the friends of both atlantic salmon rivers want you to help them stop this environmental disaster.

Here are some important factors to retain

Both the Aux Rochers River and Pentecôte Rivers are listed as ATLANTIC SALMON RIVERS by the Quebec government.

The Aux Rochers River as an existing organization that puts its atlantic salmon in high importance and has been working since the 80's in protecting and improving salmon habitat. Today the Aux Rochers has a strong run of 1500 salmon compared to 100 in the late 70's The citizens of Riviere Pentecôte are also planning a similar program to help increase salmon population and improving salmon habitat. The projected increase of salmon in the Pentecôte river after implementing such a program will be 1600, today we have an average run of 400 salmon.

The Pentecôte River is the only atlantic salmon river that is not  a ZEC or private club west of Sept iles. This river offers free fishing to all tourist and local anglers.

The city of Port Cartier and AXOR are planning a 33 MW hydro electric project on the Pentecôte River and the city of Port Cartier and Regional Power inc are also planning to build a 42 MW hydro electric on the Aux Rochers river, we all know that hydro electric dams could have some negative effects on atlantic salmon, that's why we are asking you to help us stop these projects.

On February 20 & 21 2009 the citizens of Rivière Pentecôte voted 61 % against the Pentecôte River project, this vote reflects that the citizens are not interested in such a project. The Mayor said publicly that she will not consider the vote and will go forward with the project anyway. This is a unacceptable and we ask you again to help us stop this nonsense once and for all

These are all the reasons that all the petitioners are demanding you to suspend both projects immediately and put a stop to all Hydro Electric project on the Aux Rochers river and Pentecôte River.

This list will be updated every night

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If your having problems with the form please send you name and address to this email brooktrout@globetrotter.net or go to this link

http://www.gopetition.com/online/26736.html or http://www.petitiononline.com/MANITOU/petition.html







Jocelin LeBlanc

 Pointe Aux Anglais, Qc

Sonie Poulin

 Pointe Aux Anglais, QC

Roméo Paquet

Riviere Pentecote

Yannick Beaupré

Riviere Pentecote

Nicolas Bolduc

Riviere Pentecote

Albert Gaudet


Marc Taillon

Sherbrooke, Qc

André A Bellemare


Alain Lavoie

St Antonin

Michel Éthier

St Romuald

Christian Boutin


Jean Pierre Martin


Julien Favard

Trois Rivière

Michel Gelinas

Baie Comeau

Lise Bourque

Baie Comeau

Jaquis Gagnon


Isabelle Lavallée


Christian Gelinas

Trois Riviere

Sarah Moreau

Trois Riviere

Marie-Christine Deschênes


Louis Menard

Trois Riviere

André Roux


Denis Chassé


Christian Kirouac


Michel Trudel


Yves Leclerc




Jacques Masson

Ancienne Lorette

Gaston Lepage

St-Michel de Napierville

Michelle Turbide 

Pointe aux Anglais 

Yannick Fontaine SEPT ILES
Sylvain Bourassa Ste- Catherine
Gilles Coulombe BIC
Rémi Arsenault Quebec
Eric Lessard  L'Assomption 
Jacques Bouchard St Rédempteur
Chris Cook Middlesex, UK
Filippo Lapietra Quebec
Stephanie Bilodeau L'Assomption
Vincent Greco Le May Quebec
Geoff Schaake New York
Vicki Schaake New York
Johnathan Aubrey Quebec
Mathieu Lemay Lotbinière
Pierre-Louis Bourdages Saguenay
Rory McQuillan Maine
Marie Josée Mercier Pentecôte
Al Gustaveson Marcell, MN
LeeAnn Baker Marcell, MN
William H. Gass New Brunswick
Daniel Boutin Quebec
Eric Talfer France
Cecil Skinner ST Jacques NB

Claude Bellemarre


Francis Dauteuil Sept Iles
Jean-Francois Desparts Montreal
Marc Besner Coteau-du-lac

Louis Sauvadet


David Berrie Angleterre
Fabrice Rencurel Grenoble France
Andy Wren London England

Jean Claude MAZET


Paul Moore Ontario
Guy Cadieux ST PAULIN
Kerry Pitt Alberta
Ken Mauvenu France
Bill Stevens Maine
Dominiques Thibeault Quebec

Frederic Bret


Jean Jacques


Joseph Saunders Maine
Pierre Chalifour, Rimouski

Serge Coulombe


Chris Gray UK
Sharon Dorey Nova Scotia
Stéphane Thivierge Sherbrooke

Alain Gareau


Julie Proulx


Ramsay MacDonald Toronto
Ivo Balinov Ottawa Ontario

Michael Lenahan 

Toronto Ontario

Ronald W. Rothenberger 

Jefferson, Maine

Ben Greibus


Manon Corbeil Blainville
Alain Champagne Ste-Cecile de Whitton

Charles  Storrow


Ron Pisani New York
Jere Eshelman Pennsylvania
Martin Webster London England

Gary Allen


Ernie Kalwa Ontario

Glarmet Yvan


Eric Blouin


Dr Colin Bradshaw


Mathieu ROMAIN


Mark Deitz Calgary Alberta

Raymond Fairweather

Lethbridge Alberta

André St-Pierre  Courcelles, Québec
alex shoumatoff


Bill Nowell


Ed Bromfield


Fernando Gomez


Noury Tahasky


Dominger Yannick


Paul Marriner

Nova Scotia

Jim Koehler




Heidy Noël-Moreau


Nick Pionessa

New York

Brian Greeson


linda bergeron


André Baril


Justin Seli


Gabrielle Slowey


Ryan Auclair


Edmond Richer


Dolorès Bélanger


Pierre Brière Laval
Grant Reid Chelsea, Qc
Badia Beaudoin

Isabelle dufour


caroline loisel qc

dave boulianne


Jovain thibeault port-cartier

nathalie giasson

 cap des rosiers

marie josée beaulieu port-cartier

denis losier


marco fournier port-cartier

martine desbiens


matt bélanger  port-cartier

francois bélanger


jessie dignard langlois port-cartier

gilbert gallienne


genevieve pouliot Moisie

Olivier Martin


Alvin Hubbard

New Hamphire

Alexis Kirouac Quebec

Dave Boulianne



Jean-Pierre Vibert


Michael Lipski Baltimore, M

Nelly Thibault

Fermont Québec

Jean Marie Bélisle

Longue Rive

Gaétan Collard Sherbro0ke

Paulo Levasseur

St Léonard D'Aston

Claude Martel Montréal

Carl Hamilton

Port Cartier

Thomas P. Nanof Maine
Jean Desrosiers Port Cartier

Richard Longpré


Jean VERRUY France

Frederic Cormier

Port Cartier

André Perreault Boucherville
Éric Côté Québec
André Perreault Boucherville
Jonathan Sylvestre Quebec
John B. Fletcher Saint John NB
Patrick Girard Port-Cartier
Julie LeFrancois Moncton
Bernard Jolicoeur Fermont
Marteinn Jonasson Iceland
Jean Desrosiers Port Cartier
Patrick Daloze Sherbrooke
Gaston Couture Iles Perrot
Greg Taylor UK
Robert Bolduc Port Cartier
Brian Sturrock Pierrefonds, Qc
Ron Pisani NEW YORK
Peggy Pisani New York
Suzanne Mailhot Raymond Fermont
André Raymond Fermont
Michel Lemyre Coteau du lac Qc









Rory McQuillan Maine

These rivers should be spared degradation from dams. A lot of money is being spent taking out dams these days.

William H. Gass New Brunswick

Good Day

Please add my name to the petition to stop the building of dams on the Aux Rochers River and Pentecôte River. In this day and age I cannot fathom the construction of any dam on a river that contains Atlantic Salmon. The Saint John River in NB is a prime example of where a river had a healthy salmon population that has dramatically declined since the construction of the Mactaquac Dam. Fish ladders do not work well enough to allow the salmon to sustain themselves in the long term. Does Quebec not have enough large hydro dams in the north to provide power to it residents or is this dam to produce power to sell to the US?

Andy Wren London England

I am a british based salmon angler and am opposed to any and all threats to the magnificent salmon , interfering with the natural river has never helped the salmon or the tourist industries that depend on the salmons being there !

Good luck with this ,we anglers need to stand together against ,threats such as this and the insidious salmon farming practices going on all over the globe !

Paul Moore  Hamilton Ontario

Sea run fish are important  we already lost East Coast cod, lets save the Atlantic Salmon in every watercourse.

Kerry Pitt, Alberta,   President Project Healing Waters Canada

I always thought Mr. Charest was a better person than this shows him to be! I am so disappointed he is proving to be no better than any of the others.


Bill Stevens Maine

I am against any construction of dams.  Registered Maine Guide


Chris Gray UK

Please stop the HydroElectric from upsetting the Aux Rochers and Pentecote rivers. the fish don't like it.

Sharon Dorey Nova Scotia

Please sign me up for the petition. I guess that is where Quebec is going to get the extra energy they want to sell globally.

Ivo Balinov, Ottawa, Ontario

Please add my name to the petition to stop the building of dams on the Aux Rochers River and Pentecôte River. With so little left of salmon populations, the construction of dams on rivers that contain Atlantic Salmon is anything but beneficial for our societies and environment.


Michael Lenahan Toronto Ontario

Please stop the dams and allow the salmon to swim up these rivers to spawn and continue their threatened species. Enhance exsisting dams leave the free flowing rivers for the salmon

Ronald W. Rothenberger  Jefferson, Maine

I Ronald W. Rothenberger of Jefferson, Maine oppose the building of the Hydro Electric Dams on the Penecote River and the Aux Rochers River.


Ben Greibus Montreal

Please suspend both projects


Charles Storrow Vermont

I often go to Quebec to fish. Constructing these dams is a bad idea.


Martin Webster London England

Atlantic salmon are a precious and vulnerable resource. We should protect and enhance their habitat and not destroy it.


Gary+Allen Toronto

Leave our salmon rivers alone


Raymond Fairweather Lethbridge Alberta

We in Canada do not kill our rivers The true north strong and Free.....Do not kill these river this is what they do over seas not here in Canada... Keep our rivers free of development

Alvin Hubbard New Hamphire

Please protect your salmon rivers, they are a national treasure


Thomas P. Nanof Belgrade, ME

The wild beauty and survival of wild, native salmon and trout is paramount in this location and era. Do not build the dam.

John B Fletcher Saint John NB

Hi. I would like my name added to this petition. I thought we learned from history about how destructive hydro-dams are to river habitats. We have wind solar geo-thermal  and other renewable energies that do not devastate the environment nearly as much. Lets get the people together and stop this non-sense

I watched a documentary on a small town in Alaska that survived off of the pacific salmon, and how a mine was going to come in and reconstruct the river, essentially ruining the salmon industry. The small town stood up and fought the mining company with petitions and protests, and so far the mining is not allowed to happen.
I forget the exact river, but this was a showcased documentary at the Banff Film festival. It would be good to maybe get a hold of the director, or someone from that town and make an alliance, or get some feed back.

Best of luck saving our beautiful rivers.

Greg Taylor UK

This indiscriminate destruction of an endangered species habitat must be stopped. The indifference of the electorate does not mitigate the responsibility of politicians and public officials to ensure that correct conservation measures are adhered to so that we can all enjoy and admire the beauty of nature


The AUX  Rochers RIVER Project

Regional Power Inc website http://www.regionalpower.com/











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